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We look at things differently

We look at things differently

Keep up-to-date with the latest CFC press releases, product launches, new hires, marketing promotions, event information and much more by viewing the stories below. These are taken directly from our various company blogs.

27th February 2018/ CYBER NEWS

Notifiable Data Breach scheme now live in Australia

With GDPR coming into force in May 2018 – and bringing with it a whole host of changes including new data breach notification requirements R...

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6th November 2017/ CYBER NEWS

Aussies hit for six by data breach

A hole in an Amazon S3 bucket has left 50,000 private and public sector workers in Australia exposed online. While the data breach has now been recti...

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15th February 2016/ CYBER NEWS

Hospital cyber attack affects patients

One of Melbourne’s largest hospitals has recently been the victim of a computer virus leaving a trail of chaos in its wake. As the majority of hospit...

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20th March 2014/ CYBER NEWS

Queensland Police arrest man for allegedly hacking US gaming site

A 21-year-old man alleged to have hacked a United States-based online gaming developer’s computer network has been arrested in Poona, Queensland by t...

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6th October 2011/ CYBER NEWS

Australia clears Sony but urges quicker customer notification

Sony can take a deep breath knowing that its list of worries didn’t grow any longer, at least for one day. The company has recently been cleare...

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9th February 2011/ CYBER NEWS

Vodafone Australia dealer shut down after data breach

Vodafone Australia has recently come under scrutiny after billing details and call history of millions of its customers were found to be available th...

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