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We look at things differently

We look at things differently


Keep up-to-date with the latest CFC press releases, product launches, new hires, marketing promotions, event information and much more by viewing the stories below. These are taken directly from our various company blogs.

25th September 2018/ CYBER NEWS

Analysis shows students and staff may be responsible for cyber attacks

A cyber security agency has examined the timing of 850 attacks on UK colleges and universities in 2017-18, and discovered a “clear pattern” of attack...

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30th April 2018/ CYBER NEWS

Europol busts major DDoS website

An international crime-fighting coalition has cracked the team behind the Webstresser DDoS attacks on seven leading British banks in November 2017. T...

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13th April 2018/ CYBER NEWS

Cisco highlights cyber threats

Multinational tech heavyweight Cisco has issued a recent report emphasising the growing threat from ransomware. In the battle for control of the inte...

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13th March 2018/ CYBER NEWS

Dating agency hackers caught in flagrante

As part of an overall crackdown on hacking, the Ukrainian authorities have successfully prosecuted two cyber criminals who had been operating a distr...

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6th March 2018/ CYBER NEWS

Size doesn’t matter to cyber crooks

It is not just the big-name corporates that are at risk from cyberattack, states leading UK insolvency consultant Business Rescue Expert.SMEs are equ...

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23rd October 2017/ CYBER NEWS

FBI requests help fighting DDoS attacks

As part of its effort to stem the ever-growing flow of DDoS attacks, the FBI is asking corporate victims to share details of incidents. The kind of i...

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2nd October 2017/ CYBER NEWS

Botnets assemble

A powerful and aggressive global army is on the march, and it isn’t Islamic State or North Korean or Russian – at least not specifically. It’s an arm...

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14th August 2017/ CYBER NEWS

Ukraine postal service hit by DDoS

Ukraine has been cementing its rather unenviable position as one of the world’s leading cyber trouble hot spots. The Petya (or notPetya) malware stra...

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