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We look at things differently

We look at things differently

Keep up-to-date with the latest CFC press releases, product launches, new hires, marketing promotions, event information and much more by viewing the stories below. These are taken directly from our various company blogs.

21st May 2018/ CYBER NEWS

US laws toughened on data breaches

In an attempt to stem the current flow of data breaches, several US states are introducing new legislation to tighten up data protection. Prompted pe...

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27th February 2018/ CYBER NEWS

Notifiable Data Breach scheme now live in Australia

With GDPR coming into force in May 2018 – and bringing with it a whole host of changes including new data breach notification requirements R...

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7th November 2016/ CYBER NEWS

Can you hack it?

The US Copyright Office has lifted the restrictions that stop people from reverse engineering their own devices to pinpoint security vulnerabilities ...

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30th August 2016/ CYBER NEWS

New Chinese rules could open the door to hackers

A coalition of international businesses is lobbying the Chinese government to ask it to rethink its new cyber security legislation. The new laws were...

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