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We look at things differently

We look at things differently

Keep up-to-date with the latest CFC press releases, product launches, new hires, marketing promotions, event information and much more by viewing the stories below. These are taken directly from our various company blogs.

26th February 2018/ IP NEWS

NPEs in Europe

A new report recently published by the data provider Darts-IP details the prevalence of litigation in Europe brought by ‘Non-practicing entities’ (NP...

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14th January 2016/ IP NEWS

The year ahead for IP

Here at CFC, we’ve been buffing up our crystal ball, consulting our prophetic octopuses and staring fearlessly into the doleful eyes of Father Time t...

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26th August 2015/ IP NEWS

Patenting Enigma

During the early years of World War Two, British cryptographers, aided by work done earlier by their Polish counterparts, broke the German Enigma mac...

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20th May 2015/ IP NEWS

European Unitary patent explained

The original aim of the European Union was to foster greater economic cooperation between members. Since its founding, integration has deepened with ...

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